Myths And Misconceptions

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Learn the truth of some of the common myths & misconceptions of Hospice.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about hospice that create a stigma against this essential end-of-life service. Hospice care may not be right for every patient, but the only way to determine whether hospice is necessary is to learn what really happens in hospice. Educating yourself and your family with simple facts about hospice care can help you decide whether it is something to consider.

You Need a Doctors Referral to Enter Hospice Care.

One of the top facts about hospice everyone should know is that anyone can make a referral to hospice. If a family member, friend, or loved one believes a patient could benefit from hospice care, they are allowed to make a referral which will be...

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Does my loved one have to be a DNR?

The answer is NO they can remain a full code if you chose, however, I will tell you that in my 27 years caring for geriatric patients, I have NEVER seen CPR be successful on a geriatric patient and will tell you it is not a pretty sight which is a...

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Hospice is not a death sentence.

We have had patients that once they were admitted to our service and have their symptoms managed, obtain an optimal comfort level, their nutritional status improves, the mental and emotional status improves, they get stronger, their health status...

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